Your chakras are portals of divine light
And the center of your personal energetic universe. All health emanates through the light of our chakra centers. Also imbalances, Illness or disease in the body begins in your chakra centers. The potential energy within your chakra centers expands with your attention.


What is Chakra Healing?

What we know about the chakras come from Tantric texts. In Tantric philosophy, the chakras are energy centers that emanated from the original Gods, Shiva, the infinite supreme consciousness and Shakti, the divine mother, the eternal energy of the supreme consciousness. These Gods held the infinite power of the universe and through their divine union all matter, the seen and the unseen, were created. 


Your chakras are the energetic centers of your universe. They shape all physical, mental & emotional health. Each chakra contains the entire universe within it, within it’s color, connection to the natural elements and deities. The chakras also each contain a reflection of the other chakras, so that each chakra becomes it’s own microcosm for the universe. Our chakra healing process will help you to rebalance your energy centers and will bring you into deeper unity with your highest self, through the connection to the divine energy radiating through each of your chakras.

Strengthen your connection to the divinity within...
Our powerful program leads you through connection to 12 different emanations of the goddess to align with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual light that is always pouring through you.


Energy Healing + Mystery School Teachings

We work with a spiraling vortex of energy that brings in frequencies of light and love and work on different parts of the body, chakras and meridians to assist you in clearing any illusionary earthly beliefs of judgement, guilt, or fear you have held. The activations and attunements are assisted by a group of ascended masters, angels and lightbeings and guide you to meet your soul family, soul mates, twin souls, master guides, inner child and your highest self; all to assist you in reclaiming your full multidimensional nature.
Heal your body from the inside out...
Heal, heal and heal again! This 15-week practice will ALWAYS meet you where you are at and bring you into deeper alignment with the light. It is not intended to be done once. It is intended to be a detox for your chakra system. Return to it over and over again any time you need a deep cleansing and realignment.

In person experiences

Most of the healing work we do is invisible. It is therefore invaluable to meet with others and begin to develop a language about the experiences you are having. As you share with others and listen to the experiences of others, it deepens your experience.

Meet with Aimee, your holistic practitioner virtually in small in-person groups for group coaching calls monthly to learn ongoing practical strategies to help you in the activation and attunement of each of your chakra centers. Your entire energetic body will be transformed by this experience.

Aimee Rebekah Shea, CHT

Aimee Rebekah Shea, CHT

Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Artist

Listen to Aimee explain your chakras and the basics of the healing process!

From beginner, to practitioner, to master, DNA Activation & Attunement is a healing modality that will strengthen and activate your lightbody at the place that you come to the practice. In this way, this experience is not designed to be a one-and-done. You have lifetime access so that you can make this a regular part of your healing routine, it is a practice you can return to over and over again, and it will continue to help you fine-tune the energetic frequency of your lightbody.
A digital toolbox to support your journey...
Our digital toolbox provides you with all of the audio healing experiences to feel supported. All participants have lifetime access to all digital resources.

Meditation Library

Indigo Meditation Library provides you with access to dozens of hypnotic meditative energy healing experiences, programs that support maintaining a daily meditation practice and more!

Program Portal

You have eternal access to the program portal where all healing audio and video and training & discussions take place. The program portal is more like a superportal, it includes 15 individual portals, each designed to take one week to complete of healing and learning. It is the central hub where all of your experience in this program takes place.