In the words of our students…

‘Amazing. This is the best chakra information and especially the meditation that I have found…. Thank you for sharing this gift. I feel truly blessed to have found you.’ Naomi

‘I’ve felt lighter, connected to something that goes beyond me, I no longer feel annoyed about the things that are going in the world right now. I feel more focused on my own spiritual growth, seeing things deeper and clearer. I still find hard to visualize things in my mind, but I can totally feel the energy washing out my body and soul.’ Moises

‘This was very hypnotic process and I felt alot of energy emanating from the sacral chakra including visualizations and alot of suppressed memories and feelings. It was a very healing experience for me.’ Shane
‘Even in just a week I am starting to be more gentle and loving towards myself and also starting to just BE myself without fear that someone might not love me for it. ‘Aran