Beginning with our bestselling chakra healing guided meditations, you will bring your chakras into greater balance, harmony and radiance. A series of powerful energy healing activations and attunements to divine rays of light are at the center of this course and purify and awaken your chakra centers. Through hypnosis & creative visualization and guided by ascended masters & archangels you release all that is not vibrating with your highest self, reprogram and re-envision the stories that are creating your life.
Explore this course in more depth inside of our Masterclass Series.

Week I

  • Introduction to Chakra Healing
  • Establish a weekly schedule & print Home Practice Plan.
  • Set your intention for healing & create an altar.
  • Detoxify your energetic body and mind with daily chakra healing meditations!

Week II

  • Introduction to Muladhara, the root chakra, the ruby ray and divine guides Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and Goddess Ixchel.
  • Intensive energy healing activation and attunement process begins.
  • Release old images of yourself, embrace your divine perfection!

Week III

  • Introduction to Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra, the second ray and divine guides Saint Germain and Goddess Innana.
  • Energy healing activations and attunements deepen release and opening to divine light.
  • Embrace the full expression of your sexuality and creativity!

Week IV

  • Introduction to Manipura, the solar plexus chakra, third ray and divine guides Archangel Michael and Goddess Sekhmet.
  • Expand into the luminosity of your God-self!
  • Awaken your inner power and begin the process of moving past obstacles with creative visualization.

Week V

  • Introduction to Anahata, the heart chakra, fourth ray and divine guides Archangel Jophiel, Serapis Bey and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Open and cleanse your heart center, release anger and allow forgiveness and healing to flood your body.
  • Move into a deep place of self-love, remember your greatness, deepest passions and desires.

Week VI

  • Introduction to the Vishuddha, the throat chakra, fifth ray and divine guides Master Hilarion, Archangel Michael, and Native American Goddess Butterfly Maiden.
  • Clear and bring your throat center into alignment with your heart, powerful meridian opening.
  • Find the courage to speak your truth with love, open to the healing power of the angels to guide your thoughts and words to an elevated place.

Week VII

  • Introduction to Ajna , the third eye chakra, the sixth ray and divine guides Jesus, Archangel Gabriel and Goddess Mawu.
  • Open your third eye center and expand your intuitive awareness
  • Learn to look through your heart into your third eye, intensive clearing and restructuring of old belief systems.


  • Introduction to the Sahasrara, the crown chakra, seventh ray and divine guides Master Rakoczi, Archangel Metatron and Goddess Shakti.
  • Release fear and embody total trust as you move into a higher dimensional expression of yourself.
  • Deepen your connection with your spiritual guides and source energy.

Week IX

  • Introduction to the Vyapini, soul star chakra, eighth ray and divine guides Archangel Razkiel and Goddess White Tara.
  • Fully release your attachment to your egoic story lines and move into unity with your highest self.
  • Radiate the light of your soul through powerful energy healing transmissions.

Week X

  • Introduction to the Vyomanga, spirit chakra* ninth ray and divine guides Archangel Zadkiel and Mother Mary.
  • Activate your highest potential and realign your life joy through alignment with the crystalline grid.
  • Realign with your holiness, purity and eternal innocence and begin to radiate these qualities out into your world!

Week XI 

  • Introduction to the solar chakra*, tenth ray and divine guides Ra and Goddess Sedna.
  • A guided journey to embody your divinity and open to the awareness of your I AM presence.
  • Begin to walk in your fully embodied divinity on earth, awaken to higher dimensional living.

Week XII

  • Introduction to the Archetype/Galactic Chakra*, eleventh ray and divine guides Kuan Yin and Buddha.
  • Realize the illuminated truth of your presence on earth.
  • Rediscover your immortal nature and eternal light and how this can serve you.

Week XIII 

  • Introduction to the Universal Chakra/Christ Body*, twelfth ray and divine guides Goddess Athena and Jesus Christ.
  • Bring your mind and body into the unified field of transcendent peace that exists at all times.

Week XIV

  • Introduction to the Isis Chakra/Feminine Body*, thirteenth ray and divine guides Goddess Isis and Lord Maitreya.
  • Awaken your heart to divine service and align with the highest frequencies of love, compassion and abundance.
  • Move deep into your physical body to ground higher vibrational frequencies in your DNA and lightbody.

Week XV

  • Introduction to the earthstar chakra and divine guide Archangel Sandalphon.
  • Final intensive energy healing activation and attunement.

* The listed names for these chakras are not widely accepted. All of the chakras that exist outside of the body are called by different names in different texts, so it’s not as important to memorize the names as it is to begin to understand that the field of energy between your cells and God exists and has been defined. By specifically working with each of these chakras you can begin to open yourself up to higher and higher dimensions of reality.