The Chakra Healing Intensive Public Program includes 3 courses.

You have entered a sacred space to heal & transform!

Chakra Healing Intensive leads you through an activation and attunement of each of your chakra centers to divine rays of light. Over time you will find it easier and easier to radiate love and light, you will feel stronger, clearer and more grounded as a being of light here on earth. Through the Chakra Activation process we program our auric fields and stimulate cellular connections with high vibrational frequencies of light through attention, breath, hypnosis, sound, energy healing and meditation

The activation of your chakra centers through the attunement to high vibrational frequencies of divine light is a spiritual, energetic & therapeutic process that brings deep healing and alignment to your mental, emotional and physical bodies. This process is not meant to be done once and mastered. It is designed to be returned to again and again so that you can maintain strong activated chakra centers. Created within an orb of golden white light, all time spent here is sacred. As we work together on the sacred task of weaving the foundation of our new earth in the very threads of our conscious and unconscious minds and deep within the cells of our bodies.

This is a sacred process, not linear, but moving like a spiral deep within your past, present and future. This program assists you in releasing patterns of suffering, pain, lack and all not in alignment with your highest self. All of our work is done in service to the divine light within and the remembrance of our essential nature as Master beings of Love and Light.

Chakra Activation 101

7 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Competency: Chakra Activations & Attunements – Experience Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, & Sahasrara Activations & Attunements.


Chakra Activation 102

8 weeks

Prerequisite: Chakra Activation 101

Competency: Transpersonal Chakra Activations & Attunements II – Experience Soul Star Chakra, Spirit Chakra, Solar Chakra and 11th, 12th and 13th Rays Activations & Attunements.


Tantric Healing 101

4 weeks

Prerequisite: None

Competency: Chakra Healing Activations & Attunements – Experience the light of the Rays through an introduction to the history, philosophy, and basic principles of tantric healing.