Welcome to Portal II!

In this portal we explore and activate your root chakra, or Muladhara in Sanskrit. This is done through attunement to the Ruby Ray. The ruby ray is the first of the seven rays of light that form all consciousness. Attunement to the Ruby Ray is a sacred energy healing process. You will be led through a series of breathing exercises and hand placements to facilitate the energy moving through your body. It is a powerful transmission, and your consciousness will be in a new place when you are done, with a heightened awareness of your God-Self within.

This Muladhara Ruby Ray Activation and Attunement is a deeply healing experience. An activation and attunement is a hypnotic energy healing experience. Through sound and intentional words, I lead you through an activation of your root chakra to the ruby ray.

There are 5 objectives in this portal:

1. Set your intention for healing this week and share it below! To tune into the intention that will serve you in the greatest way, take a few minutes to center your body and clear your mind with three deep breaths.

Ask yourself the question:

What do I need the most right now?

I know you already asked this question last week, but asking every week will help to see what issues remain, and what new issues arise. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. By setting the intention you connect to the field of energy that already holds the answer to your deepest problem. Then, by working with the corresponding chakra center, you tap into the universal wisdom that is always present to solve any problem and to provide you with your deepest desires. There is no intention that is too trivial, or too big for the energy that moves through your chakras to handle 🙂 Share from your heart in the group!

2. In Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health, which you downloaded last week, read the Introduction, Part I: Transcendent Health, Chapter 11, Chapter 12 & Chapter 21.

3. Listen to the Introduction to Your Muladhara, Our Guides and the Ruby Ray.

4. In your sacred space, listen to the Muladhara Ruby Ray Activation & Attunement. Continue to schedule 10-50 minutes daily for your Chakra Healing practice. Listen to the full length activation and attunement twice, on the other 5 days of the week, listen to the daily chakra healing meditation 🙂

5. Complete your Reflection!

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