Welcome to the fifth Portal! In this portal, you are introduced to your Anahata; the heart chakra, the fourth ray of light and divine guides Archangel Jophiel, Serapis Bey and Goddess Lakshmi. During the deeply healing attunement to the fourth ray and activation of your Anahata this week, you will open and cleanse your heart center, release anger and allow forgiveness and healing to flood your body. In this deeply healing experience you merge with your Guardian Angel and Master Guide and from a deep remembrance of your essential nature as a Master Being of Love and Light, you become one with your divine nature, remember your greatness, deepest passions and desires.

Schedule Success Meeting

1. Go to our Sacred Discussion Group and set your intention for healing this week!

2. Listen to the Introduction.

3. Read and learn more about our divine guides, Lakshmi and Archangel Jophiel. The musical accompaniement of this healing experience is set to the healing vibration’s of Lakshmi by Angel Earth. She does not appear in the healing, rather her energetic essence guides us through the music.

4. In your sacred space, create time to experience the Anahata Activation & Attunement. Continue to schedule 10-50 minutes daily for your Chakra Healing practice. Listen to the full length activation and attunement twice, on the other 5 days of the week, listen to the daily chakra healing meditation 🙂

5. Complete your Reflection!