Preparing for a Successful Chakra Healing Experience

Preparing Your Body

Energy healing is most effective when your body is as clear from as many toxins as possible. Stay away from alcohol, caffeine, sugar or other intoxicants before the meditation and eat lightly. Wear comfortable clothes that are not restrictive in any way.

Preparing Your Mind

Before beginning the chakra healing meditation, prepare yourself by sitting in silence for 5-15 minutes, focusing only on your breathing. Follow your breath in and out and any time you notice thoughts coming into your mind, gently push them aside, and return your focus to your breathing. This short meditation to clear your mind will allow you to be in an optimal state for healing.

Preparing Your Space

The space around you carries energy. It is important, therefore, to create a small, clear space to practice your meditations in. Creating an alter is a way to infuse your space with divine power. An alter is an area where you have brought together elements that speak to your spirit. Light a candle or incense slowly when the space is ready to invoke the presence of spirit.