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The Chakra Healing Intensive Public Program includes 2 courses. This program portal is the launchpad for both of your courses.

You have entered a sacred space to heal & transform!

Your DNA teaches your other cells by directing all cellular response in your body. When you program your DNA with light through attention, breath, hypnosis, sound, energy healing and meditation, your DNA takes what you have given it and continues directing healing energy after the healing is over throughout your body!

The activation of your DNA occurs through the full activation of your lightbody, known as your Merkaba field, through the attunement to high vibrational frequencies of divine light. This is a spiritual, energetic & therapeutic process that brings deep healing and alignment to your mental, emotional and physical bodies. This DNA Activation & Attunement process allows you to transcend physical, mental, emotional and environmental limitations and align every cell and organ in your body with high vibrational frequencies radiating from the divine light at the center of all that is.

The time is now. Let’s go!