Chakra healing intensive

week intensive healing program

Unique Meditations & Healing Experiences

Current Students in this program

Minutes of Healing & Meditation Daily

Student Success Coaching & Miracle Manifestation Mastermind

Each student is assigned a Student Success Coach and a Mentor who you meet in person monthly & biweekly. Meet with your coach once every 30 days to help you to integrate the healing experiences.

DNA Activation & Attunements

As you begin this program with an intensive 40 week DNA Activation & Attunement process. You will meet with a holistic practitioner for 10 in person DNA Activations & Attunements. Your entire energetic body will be transformed by this experience. DNA Activation & Attunement is an intensive healing process that results in the activation of your lightbody. As your lightbody is activated and attuned, your physical body will also undergo shifts.This will help you to open and align more fully to the energy of the crystals

Healing Events, Workshops & Retreats

We also encourage every student to attend our events, workshops & retreats. Coming together in person creates a container for transformation. All events & workshops are free for Pleiadian Institute Students.
The retreats are a time for experiential practice and in-person attunements. 

Physical Resources

At the core of your healing practice in this program you are taught how to create and work with an altar for healing. 

Altar Healing Kit

Your Altar Healing Kit comes from OM Apothecary. This is the first social enterprise of Indigo International, the parent organization of Pleiadian Institute. OM Apothecary sells high vibrational and ethically sourced crystals for healing practitioners. Each student also receives a credit as part of your tuition for crystals from OM Apothecary to build your healing altar.

The Curriculum

Open to the crystalline wisdom of the crystals on an energetic level in addition to learning indigenous crystal healing practices, geophysical & metaphysical properties, anatomy & physiology, and a comprehensive training in evidence-based therapeutic crystal healing techniques.
“When the mineral kingdom and the human kingdom link their forces together, new worlds of consciousness unfold. As the healing essence of quartz crystals vibrates the soul of humanity, vast horizons of hope and joy appear.”

Katrina Raphaell, Crystal Enlightenment

In the words of our students…
‘This program is such a blessing! This week I have put together an altar, begin to journal again, started doing art again, and received my first attunement. Mentally and emotionally, I feel on top of the world. Every day, I experience more and more synchronistic events that simply confirm that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now.’

‘I feel I grew in my ability to trust. During my student success call it dawned on me that I was truly being mentored, not judged or graded. It was an incredible revelation for me and opened my heart to better accept the concepts presented. I felt an overwhelming peace and joy.’

‘I love this line from the book Earth: Pleiadians Keys to the Living Library, “You learn by following what is awakening from within.” Now that I have experienced two attunements, I feel a deeper awakening occurring and a sense of freedom is rising in me. I don’t quite know how to explain the freedom yet, but it is getting clearer and feels liberating.’

‘This week I felt excited and with lots of energy. I’ve gotten on a routine of meditating. I notice that I can keep more calm in certain situations. I love doing the visual clearing chakra meditation. I feel way lighter once am done.’

‘During this meditation I was definitely able to feel my chakra’s energy clearing! There was a wonderful sensation of healing as the recording progressed and I was able to ‘see’ the chakras becoming brighter and more ‘alive’. Once completed, I felt lighter and more energized that before and continued to feel that way for 3 days following. There were emotions of sadness, anger that arose, but they were cleared easily. It was a great experience and I am going to do it again this week!’

‘My first DNA Activation Attunement was truly an amazing experience. I am already a Reiki Master so I was definitely curious to know the difference between the healings and to my surprise, there’s a slight difference for sure with the crystalline orb energies. I felt my soul lift out of my body and a bit of a floating experience along with the waves of tingling sensations, I was vibrating. I was so relaxed with the beautiful golden rays around me. It was so bright to my eyes It was if the sun was in my eyes. I could also feel the angelic presence around swirling around me gently working on my body. I could also pick a blue figure around me and I could immediately pick up on Archangel Michael’s wonderful presence above me as well as my deceased grandfather, great grandmother, and my childhood dog. I saw multiple visions that I had from many years ago come and flow back to me that show me that I’m on the right path of life and to keep going. Seen healing circles and lots of hands and my first plane trip with my husband and I first class …I’ve never been on a plane so this is exciting ;). I sense many opportunities coming my way and I look forward to them. Feeling so grateful right more than words can express.’

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